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Premise: Access to internet and online learning are good educational resources that facilitate students learning. However, e-learning, like other social interaction avenues have its pros and cons, hence the need to provide guidelines for the use of RHIS online platform.

 Aim: The aim of these guidelines is to promote a safe and child friendly participation in all aspects of RHIS online programme.


Guidelines for students

1. RHIS online programme is strictly for academic purpose only.

2. Be respectful and courteous when talking or chatting with teachers and friends.  

3.  Attend classes and follow class procedures when  performing class activities.

Dear Parents,

We appeal to you to kindly monitor the activities of your children online. Please note the following for your kind action:

1. Set screen time limit to reduce your child’s internet access and online interaction.

2. Install security software with parental control on your devices.

3. Establish online etiquette and encourage good behaviour.

4. Discuss the above guidelines with your child.

We count on your cooperation to ensure a safe and rewarding e-learning experience for all students.

Thank you.

School Management

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